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Sports Committee: 

  • The Sports Committee shall establish rules and activities for the use of the tennis courts and  it will handle other activities as they may arise, with approval of the local HSRC Board of  Directors. 
  • The Sports Committee will schedule matches and practice times for all teams entered in ALTA and USTA competition. 


Who Can Play:

  • Any member of the Hanarry Swim and Racquet Club (HSRC) may play on the tennis courts. 
  • For the purposes of allotting court time youth are considered anyone under the age of  18, unless youth are a tournament or ranked player who applies to the Sports  Committee for extra practice time. 
  • Children of members in good standing who move away from home will be considered members until age 25 or married. (November ’98) 


Tennis Hours: 

  • Tennis hours are from 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. each day. 
  • Excessive noise after dark may force tennis play to terminate at 10:00 P.M.
  • Youth may not reserve a court during prime time.
    • Prime time is as  follows:
      • Monday-Thursday 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
      • Friday None
      • Sat./Sun./Holidays 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • The tennis court lights must be out no later than 11:00 p.m. Members should be sure that lights are off before 11:00 PM or if they know they are the last ones using the courts. 
  • Members are not allowed to sign-up courts for individual practice between 7:00 PM and 11:00 PM. This does not include members who are taking a lesson. Open courts may be used during these times. 


Court Reservations: 

  • Time schedule / sign-up sheets will be posted by 10:00 AM each Friday morning for the  subsequent nine days. (November 2014) 
  • The last name and first initial should be used to reserve a court. Only one name need be used per hour. 
  • A member may reserve only one hour of court time per day. That member may play a second hour on another member’s reserved court time or on an open court. 
  • A member may reserve a court for himself/herself and his/her member partner provided that  both members are present to use the court. The member making the reservation must  sign his/her name for the second hour. The first hour may be reserved with the member partners name followed by the reserver’s initials. 
  • A member must be playing to reserve court time. A member may not play on a spouse’s, child’s, or parent’s reserved time without that member also playing. 
  • If a member reserving a court does not show up within 10 minutes of his/her reserved time  then the reservation is forfeited. the court then becomes open on a first-come-first served basis with Priority to players who have not played or were not scheduled to play that day. 
  • Players unable to use a court that they have previously reserved must remove their name  from the sheet no later than 3 hours prior to their reservation. 
  • Youth may not reserve a court during prime time. They may, however, play on an open  court at any time and cannot be bumped until their hour is up. (See Rule C; Section II). 
  • If an open court is to be played on, a large “X” should be marked through the time slot. It should not be left open nor should a name be put on it.


Court behavior: 

  • The tennis courts are to be used for no other purposes than tennis.  
  • USTA and ALTA rules shall apply at all times. 
  • All players must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. Loud, quarrelsome conduct or profanity will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the court. 
  • Jumping and swinging on the nets is prohibited. 
  • Spectators should not distract or interfere with play while it is in progress. 
  • Players may not throw rackets at any time. 
  • Only flat soled tennis shoes may be worn on the courts. No football cleats, baseball cleats, soccer cleats, golf shoes, or running shoes may be worn on the courts at any time. 
  • No one other than the actual participants may be inside the fenced area. Those waiting to play, spectators, and children must stay outside the fenced area. 
  • The tennis courts are not a babysitting facility. Infants and children who are not playing tennis are not permitted on the courts at any time. 
  • No pets, chairs, stools, furniture, baby strollers, playpens, or baby beds are allowed inside the fenced area.. 
  • No skate boards, bicycles, or scooters are allowed inside the fenced area.
  • No food or glass containers may be taken onto the court at any time.
  • Place all trash in the proper receptacles. 
  • Tidy-baskets (hung on net posts) should be emptied when full by anyone who sees them  full.  
  • Tennis teams (both youth and adult) are responsible for emptying the large garbage cans stationed near each set of courts. A large garbage dumpster is located up clubhouse  driveway at the back of the clubhouse. 
  • No smoking on the courts at any time. 


Tennis Teams:

  • Four weeks prior to fall and spring ALTA seasons, each ALTA team will be allotted  2 hours of reserved practice time per week. Practice time will be arranged by the Sports Committee in conference with the team captains. Preference will be given to past slot.
  • USTA and mixed doubles teams will be assigned practice times on a first-come-first-served basis only between fall and spring ALTA seasons when those ALTA practices are suspended. 
  • Each team will be allotted reserved court time for all home ALTA and USTA matches. A key to unlock the bathrooms and instructions concerning the clubhouse security code must be checked out each week of a Home Match (or during a Make-up Match) with the Sports Committee. 
  • Rained-out matches will be rescheduled by the involved team and the Sports  Committee to fit court time which is normally open and/or that team’s regularly scheduled practice time. 
  • Teams not using their reserved practice time will mark courts open three hours prior  to the scheduled time. 
  • Team members cannot reserve court time on days of their team’s practices or home matches (if they play that day). Team members may play on open courts at any time. 
  • There will be no reserved time team practice on weekends. 
  • There will be no team tennis lessons on weekends. Individual lessons are permissible anytime, subject to normal reservation rules. Non-Members can participate in tennis lessons with HSRC members (only from 7 a.m.until 7 p.m.) 
  • During a team match, when an adjoining court becomes open and a match is still ongoing next to it, the open court cannot be used by any other person(s) until that team  match is finished, unless the team captain and the players on the court all agree. This does not apply either to a match, which is individually scheduled on a single court  wherein the adjoining court would normally be open, or to a make-up match (team or  individual). 
  • Members and non-members (subject to the following restrictions), adults and juniors are  allowed to play on HSRC sponsored ALTA or USTA Club tennis teams. A team tennis  fee will be assessed for each individual on a team, each session. This fee will be collected by each team captain from every individual on the roster, plus add-ons, and  paid in one check to the Sports Committee Chairman at the time that the team roster and  season schedule is submitted.  
  • The fee schedule shall be as follows:
    • Adult Members: $10.00 per team per season
    • Juniors: $5.00 per team per season
    • Adult Non Members: $40.00 / team per season.
    • Junior Non Members: $25.00 per team per season.
  • The Tennis Team fees (Members and Non-Members) noted above are in excess of any  other fees that are collected by the team for coaching, paper products, balls, etc.  (November 2014) 
  • Non-members who play on HSRC Club Teams may not reserve courts for private coaching or personal use and may not participate in alternate tennis leagues (K-Swiss,  Ultimate Tennis, etc.) (November 2014)
  • Adult children of members in good standing, living away from home (not at college and  not within the Hanarry Estates area as defined in the HSRC By-Laws) may play on their  parent’s tennis team subject to the Adult Member team fee. Adult children of members  may also play on other HSRC sponsored teams subject to the Adult Non-Member team  fee. (November 2014). 
  • All adult tennis teams must have a minimum of 6 HSRC members in good standing  on the roster, one of which must be the captain or co-captain. Additionally, each  team may have up to a maximum of 8 non-members. Exceptions to the number of  members and non-members may be made with the approval of the Tennis Committee Chairperson or a majority of the Board of Directors. (November 2014). 
  • Former Members of the Club must wait for two years (24 months) after selling their  Membership and paying any amounts owed in full before they are eligible to play as a  Non-Member on a Club tennis team. A former Member of the Club whose membership was involuntarily terminated is not ever allowed to play on a Club tennis  team as a Non- member. 
  • Team captains/parents of home teams must make sure that the clubhouse (bathrooms)  at the end of the day’s matches. 


Rotation of on-site HSRC Tennis Teams

  • Rules apply only when the club is paying the fees, providing all team members are also  club members. 
  • Coaching may continue to be scheduled on HSRCs courts. 
  • Rotation of teams to outside permanently reserved courts, probably Gwinnett County  Facilities, (Mountain Park, Hudlow, or Lucky Shoals) is to be expected by any group  of more than five teams. 
  • Any team playing one season outside the neighborhood can expect to play on HSRC s  courts consecutive seasons until all other teams have a turn playing outside the  neighborhood. 
  • Newly formed teams will be the first to play outside the neighborhood, 
  • Rotation of teams will be done on a season-by-season basis since some teams start while others stop, considering playing location, history, and age of players on the team. 
  • The Sports Committee will draft a letter to be sent with the ALTA and USTA  rosters requesting scheduling to be “leaned toward” the Lilburn direction. 
  • Children of members in good standing who move away from home will be  considered members until age 25 or married. (November ’98)


Enforcement of Rules: 

  • All rules and regulations are approved by the HSRC Board. 
  • Flagrant violation of the rules and regulations governing the tennis courts can result in suspension of Tennis and/or Club privileges. 
  • All members should assist in the enforcement of the rules and the protection of the facilities.  Report all infractions to the Sports Committee.


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