Pool Rules

HSRC Pool Rules  

General Rules

  • HSRC does not assume any responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal property. Do not bring valuables to the pool. Unclaimed towels and articles of clothing will be periodically disposed of or donated. 
  • No glass beverage or food containers are allowed in the pool area. All person(s) assume their own risk and take full responsibility for their actions while on HSRC property. 
  • Each Member is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and their guests. All trash must be placed in the trash cans. 
  • Members will be responsible to the club for any debts, damages or breakage caused by misuse by them or their guests. 
  • Spitting or blowing one’s nose in the pool is strictly forbidden. 
  • No hairpins or metal objects are allowed in the pool.  
  • No dogs or other animals will be permitted in the pool area. 
  • No offensive or abusive language will be tolerated.

Lifeguard Rules

  • Members shall comply to lifeguard requests including: pool closures, dismissal from pool deck and premises if deemed necessary. 
  • Any behavior construed to be disrespectful or improper conduct towards the Guards or any other Member shall not be tolerated and will be considered a violation of pool rules. Member or guest violating rules may be asked to exit pool gates.

Daily Operation Rules

  • Adult Swim: 15 minutes before each hour (only adults 18 and older will be allowed in the pool during Adult Swim).  
  • Pool Hours (applicable during pool season): Monday – Saturday  11:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. Sunday    12:00 noon – 9:00 P.M. 
  • Only immediate safety concerns shall be directed to lifeguard on duty or during Adult Swim.  
  • Adults swimming at own risk outside of pool hours shall sign Swim At Own Risk waiver and agree to lock all club house doors while swimming and upon departure. 
  • Babes in Arms Rule (July 2019) – During lifeguard safety breaks a privilege is granted to parents and grandparents to have their child or grandchild under two years of age in the pool with them as long as one-on-one hands-on care is being given. It is expected that their other children are being properly supervised during this time.
  • Swim Lessons Rule (July 2019) – During lifeguard safety breaks members receiving swim lessons from a coach (not a parent) are allowed to continue the lesson through the break.

Safety Rules

  • Diving is allowed in deep-end only unless supervised by swim team personnel. No pushing or throwing anyone into the pool. No running or horseplay allowed in the pool area. 
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the pool fence area or the clubhouse. Smokers are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in designated outside areas.    
  • A first aid kit is available at all times in the concession stand or community room.   
  • Do not pull, lay or hang on to lane lines and deep end rope. 
  • No child may be left unattended in the wading pool area; this area is for children 6 and under only. 
  • The wading/kiddie pool may not be used during swim team practice.  Only swim team members may be in the water during their age appropriate swim time. 
  • Non potty-trained children must wear swim diapers covered by waterproof rubber pants with snug fitting elastic legs and waist when using either the main or wading pool. A fee of $25 will be collected from the offending party for any contamination resulting in pool closure or haz-mat kit usage.
  • For anyone 12 and over who has passed the swim test, they can be at the pool without their parent or guardian. For those families with children 15 and older, they can be responsible for younger siblings who have passed the following Lifeguard Swim Test.

Lifeguard Swim Test

Children 6 years through 12 years may enter the pool accompanied by an adult or guardian if they can complete the following all in one session:

  1. Swim two lengths of the pool without hanging onto the lane rope, wall, or touching the bottom.
  2. Tread water for one and a half minutes in the deep end without touching the wall or another swimmer.
  3. Jump off the diving board and swim to ladder, using ladder to exit the pool.

Guest Rules

  • Guest fee is $2 per guest per visit (3 visits per month maximum).  Out of town guests and caretakers are exempt from guest fees. 
  • Guests must sign-in upon entering pool gate.

Rules Updated 7/22/2019

Edited for clarity 4/25/2021

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