Replacement Fobs

The total replacement cost is $25.00 for one set of fobs (2 fobs).

For security, we can only allow members to have two fobs per household.

This minimizes non-members using fobs that do not belong to them if they are found or stolen and it also minimizes members buying fobs to give to friends or relatives.

In the meantime, if you have a fob that works you can still use it until it is deactivated, which at that time means your new set is ready. 

We ask that you turn in any remaining fob you have.

Please pay for replacement fobs here first (link below) then email us at to let us know you need a replacement set. We will contact you when the new fobs are ready.

Here a few tips and reminders about your fob:

> We strongly recommend attaching your fob to your car keys or to an object (pool bag) that you always have with you.

> To prevent lost or misplaced fobs, you should write your membership number and/or last name on your fob with nail polish or sharpie.

Allowing a non-member to use your fob can be considered a serious violation and possible grounds for termination of your membership.

Members will not share or give key fobs to anyone outside of their membership household. Doing so can lead to termination of membership.

Key Fobs (One Set)

This product is for one set of replacement key fobs (one set = 2 fobs) for your membership household.
Visit for details.

Price: $25.00

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