We’re happy to see you here checking out HSRC!

You may be asking yourself, where do I start? How much does it cost? Do I have to live in Hanarry Estates to join? Here, I think this may help (and below are FAQs)–

Joining Cost, $600

At the time of joining you pay discounted annual dues ($200) and pay for a bond ($400) for a total of $600.

What is the bond? The bond payment is a one-time event. Some think of the bond as an initiation fee but it’s more like a security deposit– it’s your commitment to us that you are members until you leave and it will cover dues and late fees if needed. Read more about that here, scroll down for the FAQs: https://hanarry.org/all-about-hsrc-25/.

When you join the club, you do not pay anything else until the next calendar year. Example: You join anytime in 2024, you don’t have to pay anything until annual dues are due March 15th, 2025.

Annual Dues, $425 + Workday Assessment, $50 = $475 

Annual dues total $475. The workday assessment will be refunded after someone in your membership household completes an official HSRC volunteer shift and requests the refund (one refund per household per year). You start paying annual dues the following calendar year after joining. Dues are dues March 15th every year. There is a $50 late fee added when paying past the dues deadline. Given all we have to offer, this is truly the best rate around.

(This deeply discounted new-member joining rate is only good for those who have not been members within the last 3 years. Those returning within 3 years will pay full price (dues and bond) to rejoin.)

Membership is not restricted to our neighborhood. We have many members who live in surrounding neighborhoods.

Follow this link hanarry.org/news/ for a list of amenities and annual events. We also have random fun things sprinkled-in throughout the year.

You can join online or we can take a check. I can also answer any more questions you may have. This is the link to join: https://hanarry.org/join-renew-25/

To find more information, please continue to peruse our website. Please feel free to email me at hanarryestates@gmail.com

Founded in 1972, we celebrate over 50 years of being THE most fun club in Lilburn. We hope you decide to join!

Jeanne Robinson,

HSRC Membership Chair


  • What are the annual dues?

The annual dues, after the joining year, are $475.00, running from January 1 through December 31. If you complete a 3-hour HSRC workday assessment, you can earn a $50 reimbursement.


  • Can I opt out of dues payment on an annual basis?

No. For proper financial budgeting and management reasons, the dues are owed annually once the bond is purchased. You can sell your membership if you decide to no longer be a member.


  • How much is the membership bond and what is its purpose?

The membership bond is $400.00 and is a one-time event when a membership is purchased. Since the club was originally formed May 30, 1972, HSRC has used proceeds from bonds to help fund normal obligations to run the club on a day-to-day basis. The bond is refundable, see below. 

  • Is the bond refundable?

As long as your membership is in good standing (meaning you are current with your dues) when your membership sells, you will receive your bond back in full (less any late fees, if applicable).

  • What if I join HSRC after January 1?

The new-member cost of $600 is the same no matter what day you join, whether it is Jan 1 or Dec 31. We no longer have a prorated joining rate. 

  • What happens if I sell my membership mid-year?

When someone buys your membership, they are responsible for the dues at the time they buy it until the end of the calendar year.  You are responsible for the dues up to the point the membership is sold. For example, if someone buys your membership effective July 1 (or 50% of the calendar year), then they would pay $400 (their bond) + $187.50 (50% of $375 annual dues). If you are current with the membership, you would get a full refund of $400 (your bond) + 187.50 (the other 50%). If you have not paid the dues for the calendar year, you will have the $187.50 you owed taken out of your bond + whatever late fees have accrued, the remainder of the bond is the returned to you.


  • What would I pay the following year after joining?

Dues invoices are sent in January and the invoice amount would be $475 (due date of March 15th). This consists of $425 for the annual dues + $50 workday assessment. If you complete a 3-hour workday assessment, you may request a reimbursement check for $50.


  • How do I sell my membership?

It is on a first-in, first-out basis, based upon the date the “Request to Sell” (RTS) online form is received by the Membership Chair. Once this signed request is received, you are added to the RTS list. As a new member joins the club, their new membership replaces the membership that is first on the RTS list. The next member on the RTS list then moves up to the first spot on the RTS list. Once a membership is replaced, the selling membership is notified and released of its obligation to HSRC.


  • What if I find a buyer for my membership by myself?

If you want to sell your membership and find a buyer through your own efforts (not through the HSRC Request To Sell list), the “first-in, first-out” method through HSRC does not apply. Essentially, you go to the “head-of-the-line”. Please contact a membership committee member to follow through with this type of transaction.

  • If I sell my house, can I transfer my membership?

Yes. Just use the “Change of Information” form online to denote the new membership owner and date of transfer. The new owner must fill out a membership form so we have their family contact information.

  • Is membership limited to Hanarry Estates residents?

Not at all! Due to the amount of requests, club membership is open to out-of-neighborhood residents.

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