Procedure to host a pool party and/or reserve the pool pavilion

Only HSRC Members may reserve and host pool parties.

There will be no pool parties when Positively Pool lifeguards are not on duty. No pool parties are allowed during SAOR (swim-at-your-own-risk) hours; this includes before Memorial Day weekend and after Labor Day when we have all-day SAOR.

In order to reduce crowding at peak times for members on weekends, we will only allow the Pavilion to be rented out in 4 slots for the weekend.
Pool Party Pavilion Rental Availabilities–
  • Fridays: 1 option, 6 pm – 9 pm
  • Saturdays: 2 options, 11 am – 2 pm and 6 pm – 9 pm
  • Sundays: 1 option, 11 am – 2 pm
Host is only allowed to use half of the Pavilion and may arrive 30 minutes ahead of their reservation to set up. The host is responsible for removing all trash and replacing tables and chairs back into their regular configuration.
Positively Pools Manages pool parties so you MUST be in contact with them about hosting a party. You can find the process for reserving here:

HRSC Pool Party Rules 

Pool parties are allowed subject to the following guidelines.

Pool parties are to be scheduled with Positively Pools by filling out and submitting their party registration form available below. The number of guests should include both members and non-members and should estimate the number and ages of swimmers. Positively Pools will determine how many additional guards are needed according to those numbers provided and will charge accordingly ($20 per guard per hour, and with a 2 hour minimum). HSRC parties will have a maximum of 25 attendees. The guest fee still applies for non-members attending parties ($2 per guest).

From Monday – Thursday, half of the pool pavilion from the exterior railing facing the street to the center column may be reserved for parties, limited to two hours. Once approved by Positively Pools, the member will post a reservation notice stating their name, the date, and time the area is reserved. The reservation notice is to be placed on the clipboard on the center post of the pavilion. To be assured of the pavilion reservation, it is highly recommended that the reservation notice, at the latest, be placed when the pool opens at 11:00am the day of the party. If you need to cancel or reschedule, contact Positively Pools immediately and please remember to remove your reservation notification.

There must always be one half of the pool pavilion available for casual member usage.

From Friday – Sunday, the area to the right of the wading pool is available. Setting up a 10’ x 10’ cover is allowed. All above rules of contact with Positively Pools will apply. Please indicate on your posted reservation note (at pavilion) that the wading pool area is being reserved.

There will be a list of pavilion reservations posted at the concession stand but the list does not, in any way, supersede the need to replace the reservation notice, it is for reference only. When the party is over, please remove your reservation notice from pavilion.

Once party is scheduled, host must also notify David Morse, Pool Committee Chairperson, with date, time, and attendee number.

(updated June 2019)

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