Hanarry Estates Homeowners Association

The Hanarry Estates Homeowners Associate (HEHA) is a separate entity

from Hanarry Swim & Racquet Club (HSRC).

However, the two organizations work closely together

to keep our community thriving.


One of the MANY examples–

HEHA pays the electricity bills that keep

the entrance lights on so you know where you’re going!


If you live in Hanarry Estates proper,

being a part of H.E.H.A. is voluntary.

Also, while it is voluntary, it is also GREATLY appreciated.

We can’t do this thing alone.

Your small annual dues (under $40!) contribute to

the maintenance and growth of our community

(Lee Acres and Smith Valley, and to the greater Lilburn area.).

If you don’t live in Hanarry Estates proper, donations are welcome!


Read more about H.E.H.A below…

(and keep scrolling for a membership form)



Hanarry Estates 

Homeowners Association




P.O. Box 411, Lilburn, GA 30048


Dear, Neighbor-

Please join us in our efforts in continuing to make Hanarry a great place to live. As you look through this packet you will find a lot of information that may interest you as well as the benefits of joining the HOA. The $30 annual dues are nominal and we feel as if it is an investment in the quality of life and in helping to protect property values for your home and all of our community. 

Thank you,

Your Hanarry Estates Homeowners Assoc.


The Hanarry Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. (HEHA) is an incorporated non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening property values and improving the quality of life in our community. A group of dedicated neighborhood volunteers comprises the association’s Board of Directors and Committee Chairpersons. Through the association’s efforts and along with volunteers, HEHA keeps the lights on and neighborhood programs going. Please read further to see what HEHA is all about. 

Hanarry Estates is a 396 home, swim and racquet community located in the southern part of Gwinnett County about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, with convenient access to I-85 and Stone Mountain Freeway/Highway 78. Hanarry Estates is proud to be a part of the Parkview High, Trickum Middle, and Knight Elementary school district. Several excellent private schools are also nearby. 

Development of our community started in 1969 and was built-out by the late 1970s. The land from three different farms was used to create Hanarry Estates. Each farm was each originally owned by the Nashes, the Minors, and the Lands. Several builders developed our neighborhood including Harry Shafer and his brothers. The name Hanarry is a combination of Harry and his wife Hannah’s first names. Most every street is named after members of the Shafer family. One exception is Collie Court, which is named after Collie Land, one of the original farm owners.

The Hanarry Estates Civic Club (HECC) was formed around 1970. Members met in private homes and worked on community projects. Originally there were men’s and women’s groups within the civic club. The Hanarry Estates Civic Club, which is now named the Hanarry Estates Homeowners Association, is still in existence and active in the community around the pool and tennis courts.

Hanarry Estates has remained a highly sought-after neighborhood in Lilburn since the 1970s. Since the beginning, it’s been a safe and friendly place to raise a family and enjoy friends and neighbors. You will easily find neighbors who grew up here in Hanarry and have then moved back to raise their families here!



Throughout the year, we strive to promote the beautification, safety, welfare, and enjoyment of the homeowners within our community.  We also contribute to our local community members in need and our at-risk youth by supporting various hyper-local programs. HEHA has been hosting blood drives for years to help contribute to lives saved by this precious resource that we can donate with little to no effort. We use HEHA funds to offer and maintain many community-oriented services, projects, special interest groups, and social activities. To stay aware of important community information (everything from zoning to break-ins), you will be added to our HEHA email list and the C.O.P.S. Calling Post.




Lighted & Maintained Entrances

Upkeep & improvements of the four Hanarry brick entrances, including electricity*, flowers/landscaping, holiday decor, etc.

*Electricity to keep the four entrances lit is, by far, the largest portion of our expenditures. Please consider becoming a part of the HOA to help, if nothing else, keep the neighborhood’s entrances from going dark 

C.O.P.S. Program

We keep Hanarry Estates a safe and friendly place to raise a family and to enjoy friends and neighbors through our role as a Gwinnett County C.O.P.S. Community.  C.O.P.S. is an acronym for Community Oriented Police Services. Hanarry Estates was awarded the prestigious honor of “Master C.O.P.S. Community of the Year” in 2001 and 2014.

Baby Bows

Sunshine Committee

Yard of the Month

3 Children’s Socials per year

Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July Parade, Children’s Christmas Party

Christmas Mailbox Bows

8 Newsletters per year




Residents in Hanarry Estates proper and the adjacent areas known as Rubyville and Fieldstone are eligible to become members of the HEHA. .


* Please consider these small dues as an investment in your property value *

Dues are payable on April 1st

Mail checks to HEHA

PO Box 411, Lilburn, GA 30028

$30 annually (emailed copy of newsletters)


$35 annually (mailed paper copy of newsletter)




While we are located in Lilburn, however, we are not within Lilburn City Limits, which means we are NOT within the Lilburn City Police Jurisdiction. Please call the Gwinnett County Police Southside Precinct when needed, 770-982-4440; they are VERY responsive.


 Gwinnett County Police & Fire             911

Gwinnett County Help Line 770-995-3339

Poison Control 800-222-1222

Rape Crisis Center 770-476-7407


Police- Non-emergency 770-513-5000

Southside Police Precinct 770-982-4440

Gwinnett County Information 770-822-8888

Fire Services Administration 770-513-5500

Public Utilities (Water) 678-376-7000

Gwinnett County D.O.T.  770-822-7400

Crime Prevention Unit 770-623-2610

Animal Welfare and Enforcement 770-339-3200

Environmental Health 770-963-5132

Gang Tip Line 770-513-5433

Licensing and Revenue 678-377-4100

Planning and Development 678-518-6000

Building Division 678-518-6020

Development Inspections 678-518-6070

Planning Division 678-518-6000

Tag Office 770-822-8818


 Gwinnett County Website: gwinnettcounty.com

 Gwinnett County Public Schools: gwinnett.k12.ga.us




Main Contact Email



Peggy Trettel




Diane Davis



Block Rep. Chairperson

Ginny Chambers



In addition to joining and receiving all the benefits of HEHA, we invite you to keep in touch with us and all of the activities and notices within the club by joining our unofficial Facebook page, www.facebook.com/groups/hanarry. After a request to join, we will verify your membership and add you to the group.



Our community also works closely with the Gwinnett County Department of Planning and Development and the Gwinnett County Quality of Life Unit. By working with these County departments, we monitor strict county zoning codes pertaining to property maintenance ordinances and zoning regulations. These standards are designed to preserve and improve the quality of life for present and future citizens of our neighborhood and county and promote a sense of community.


Hanarry Neighbors,

Most of the time we have well maintained homes that help make this community a special place to live. From time to time however, some problems occur that deserve our attention. Gwinnett County has established a set of ordinances to insure there is consistency in what is expected for the upkeep of our homes. We are all subject to these County Ordinances. See the information below for web address and phone numbers for the Quality of Life Unit. Staff members are knowledgeable and friendly and intend on guiding you through the resolution process. Please note that anonymous complaints are allowed but there will be a slower response, if any at all. The Code Enforcement Officer cannot investigate what they cannot see. Having a contact person available to clarify details for the Officer ensures it will get attention. The complete list of 8 pages can be found on the Quality of Life website. Please help us keep Hanarry Estates a great place to live. We will all benefit from increased property values and a stable environment if each of us does our part.


     Thank You,             

Board of Directors     

Hanarry Estates Homeowners Assoc.   

Quality of Life Unit





Phone numbers

Main: 770-513-5020

Fax: 770-513-5003

Hotline for complaints: 770-513-5004


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